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What Does it Mean to Be Akiosexual and Other Terms to Know When Dating in 2023

Akiosexual and Other Sexual Orientation Terms to Know When Dating in 2023

As we continue our series for women over 45, who are single, and ready to mingle (you can read our previous post where we defined terms commonly used to describe one’s status on dating sites), in this post we share terms you should know when getting back into the dating scene after a long term relationship or 10-15+ year marriage.

For those returning to the dating scene after 10 -15+ years of marriage or long-term relationship, it’s natural to feel like an extinct dinosaur from an entirely different universe. From understanding new dating lingos to accurately defining one’s sexual orientation, the rules are continuously changing and/or expanding, but don’t fret, we did the work so you won’t have to.

Akiosexual and Other Sexual Orientation Terms to Know When Dating in 2023
Akiosexual and Other Sexual Orientation Terms to Know When Dating in 2023

Asexual – Individuals who don’t experience sexual attraction.

Demisexual – Individuals who don’t experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone.

Homoflexible – Individuals who identify as predominantly homosexual but are open to a heterosexual encounter.

Pansexual – Individuals who are attracted to people from the full spectrum of sex, gender, and gender identity.

Queer – A term sometimes used to refer to the entire LGBTQ+ community and the spectrum of sexual orientations and gender identities. For others, queer may reflect their sexual identity and the label they use to identify themselves.

Questioning – individuals who are questioning and exploring their sexual orientation gender/gender identity, or both.

Gray-asexual – Individuals on the asexual spectrum who experience sexual and romantic attraction, but only rarely.

Reciprosexual – Individuals who don’t experience sexual attraction to someone until they know that person is attracted to them.

Akiosexual – Individuals who experience sexual attraction but do not want it to be reciprocated, and would be uncomfortable if it were.

Aceflux – Individuals whose sexual orientation fluctuates along the spectrum between asexual and sexual.

Akiosexual and Other Sexual Orientation Terms to Know When Dating in 2023

Grayromatic – Individuals on the aromatic spectrum who experience romantic attraction but only rarely or weakly.

Demiromantic – Individuals who only experience romantic attraction after developing an emotional connection beforehand.

Akioromantic – Individuals who may experience romantic attraction but don’t want it reciprocated.

Aroflux – Individuals whose romantic orientation fluctuates along the spectrum between aromantic and romantic.

Fluid – This term refers to the fact that sexuality, sexual attraction, and sexual behavior can change over time and vary based on circumstances. It’s used to describe people who experience shifts in their sexuality, sexual attraction, or sexual behavior in different situations or throughout the course of their lifetime.

Libidoist asexual – Used to describe an asexual person who experiences sexual feelings that are satisfied through self-stimulation or masturbation. This term acknowledges that, for some people, acting on libido or sexual feelings doesn’t necessarily involve sexual behavior with others.

Polysexual – A term that describes people with a sexual orientation that involves sexual or romantic attraction to people of varying genders. Polysexual orientations include bisexuality, pansexuality, omnisexuality, and queer, among many others.

Omnisexual – is similar to pansexual and can be used to describe people whose sexuality isn’t limited to those of a particular gender, sex, or sexual orientation.

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