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My Empty Nest Joy is your online source for all things GenX, Midlife, and thriving in your empty nest years. Created to encourage dialogue on those pivotal life changes and experiences that shape our who and why. 
We share socially relevant and uplifting stories of progress on issues concerning women in midlife. Readers are encouraged to engage with this community as they would an old friend with whom they share similar challenges, goals, and triumphs.

Our Mission

While most representation of women over fifty shows a life of stagnation and a one-sided way of doing life, we are committed to showing alternative ways for living and thriving in midlife that is without societal pressure, unrealistic expectations and stereotypes.
Empty Nest Joy provide new lens that help its readers to see a world filled with opportunity, resources and community, where supports and personal growth, facilitate the possibility of a brighter more accepting future for women in midlife and beyond.  

Our Readers

My Empty Nest Joy was first launched in 2017 as a  personal blog, journaling the many ups and downs of life as an empty nester navigating empty nest syndrome, all while finding ways to balance the hormonal changes occurring in perimenopause. What was supposed to be a personal electronic journal, is now an outlet for women to share their journey through life as “women of a certain age.”
As the name suggests, this space is your empty nest joy. Your corner of the internet for learning and connecting with a community of women who are often left out of many critical life-changing conversations.

You may email us at hello@myemptynestjoy.com.

Thank you so much for reading.

Empty Nest Joy Book by Alexis M. Bordeaux
Empty Nest Joy Book by Alexis M. Bordeaux

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