What Kind of Empty Nesters Are You?

Personal Growth Strategies for Empty Nesters

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    How do you feel about the prospect of your children leaving the nest?

    • a) Excited! It’s time for them to spread their wings.
    • b) Anxious. I’ll miss having them around all the time.
    • c) Ambivalent. I’m ready for a change, but it’s bittersweet.
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    What emotions do you associate with the idea of an empty nest?

    • a) Freedom and excitement.
    • b) Loneliness and sadness.
    • c) A mix of both happiness and sadness.
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    How do you plan to occupy your time once your children have left home?

    • a) Pursue new hobbies or interests.
    • b) Focus more on career or personal goals.
    • c) Travel and explore new places.
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    What are your thoughts on redecorating or repurposing your children’s empty rooms?

    • a) Can’t wait to turn it into my dream space.
    • b) I’ll keep it as a guest room or for when they visit.
    • c) Haven’t really thought about it yet.
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    Do you see the empty nest stage of life as an opportunity for personal growth or as a challenge to overcome?

    • a) Definitely an opportunity for personal growth.
    • b) More of a challenge to overcome.
    • c) A bit of both, depending on the day.
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    How important is maintaining a close relationship with your adult children after they’ve left home?

    • a) Extremely important, I want to stay connected.
    • b) Important, but I also respect their independence.
    • c) Not sure, I’ll take it as it comes.
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    What kind of activities do you envision enjoying more now that you have more time to yourself?

    • a) Trying out new restaurants or cooking new recipes.
    • b) Volunteering or giving back to the community.
    • c) Relaxing at home with a good book or movie.
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    Are you more inclined to downsize your living space or stay in the family home after your children have moved out?

    • a) Downsize, I’m ready for a change.
    • b) Stay in the family home, it holds too many memories.
    • c) Haven’t decided yet, it depends on various factors.
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    How do you plan to navigate changes in your relationship with your partner once you become empty nesters?

    • Reconnect and prioritize our relationship more.
    • b) Take some time to adjust and find new hobbies together.
    • c) Not sure yet, but we’ll figure it out together.
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    Do you have any fears or concerns about the empty nest phase of life, and if so, how do you plan to address them?

    • a) Yes, I worry about feeling lonely or purposeless.
    • b) Yes, I’m concerned about maintaining a strong relationship with my children.
    • c) Not really, I see it as a new chapter full of possibilities.

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